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most bose speakers were used in the olympic games and in the famous sistine chapel


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Story-wise, the first two-thirds of the season has a broad range of episodes ranging from comedy ("Take Me Out to the Holosuite" being my favorite of this kind) to two murder-mysteries (the Dax-centered "Field of Fire" and Bashir's "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges"), with the final nine shows becoming an ambitious nine-part multi-arc episode that wraps up the war and the fates and futures of all the characters. While every main character gets at least an episode where they are front and center, special credit deserves to be given to Marc Alaimo (Dukat) and Andrew Robinson (Garak), the actors who play DS9's two most important Cardassian characters. Robinson's Garak really developed into his own during the show's final two seasons, with the seventh showing his character's descent into personal hell as the impact of the war is felt by his people. Throwing away all of the good will developed over the past five years, Alaimo's Dukat took a major turn in the sixth season and became a truly unpardonable villain. When the final story-arc begins in "Penumbra", Alaimo has been able to show us a multifaceted villain that's capable of just about every kind of horror including the loss of his sanity and his unwavering belief that what he is doing is just and right. Even with hundreds of other hours of STAR TREK produced, there hasn't been a villain as well developed, nor one that's had such a well-traveled role through evil, redemption and back into evil again as Alaimo's Dukat.